7NewsBoston is reporting on the temporary vaping ban that has been enacted by Gov. Charlie Baker in Massachusetts.  Doctors have seen a dramatic increase in lung disease among teens that vape in the state of Massachusetts and the Gov. had stepped up Tuesday to put into effect a temporary 4-month ban on the sale of all vaping products till more information is had on the health effects of vaping.

If you have vaped to break the smoking habit, this is bad news or good news?  Perhaps the effects of vaping are worse than smoking?

What if the Government had banned the sale of cigarettes when it was discovered how bad the health effect was?

While lawmakers decide if vaping should be permanently banned, it leaves business owners in a tough spot.

Amanda Georgoulias and her husband run a store called “Vapeology” in West Bridgewater successfully for the last 4 years, according to the news station.

“Two days ago, I had a vape shop that was doing really well…and now, I have two stores that I cannot open the doors to sell.” she told 7NewsBoston.  4 months of closure will put them under.  They have employees and rent they cannot pay without selling a product.

For now, vaping is legal in New Hampshire and those NH vaping businesses are sure to see a spike in sales.

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