Anyone who listens to the show knows that I'm not the most athletic card in the deck.  People appreciate my spirit and enthusiasm on the sidelines but I am not competitive or coordinated and these are simply the facts, Jack. This fact became abundantly clear back when I was a junior on the volley ball team at Leominster High School. Most of the girls I had been playing with moved up to varsity. Coach Crowley pulled me aside and asked if I would be okay playing on JV another year. OF COURSE! I was in it for the friendship and camaraderie, not because I was any good! Coach looked relieved to hear that we were on the same page.

There is one game in this life that I think I'm pretty good at and that is mini golf. My Zayde (grandfather in Yiddish) would take me and my cousins to the golf course at Mason's in Leominster, MA. (shoutout to Mason's, not sure if it is still open but that place was LEGIT) Mini golf doesn't require you to act quickly. It allows time for you to think through your next shot and be calculated about it. Of course, if you take TOO much time the family behind you will roll their eyes and sigh loudly in annoyance. But then your Zayde would give them the wave signaling that they can go ahead of us on the next hole. He was just that kind of guy.

Because mini golf is nostalgic for me and I shockingly don't stink at it, no Summer is complete without it! Therefore, I am on the quest for the best mini golf course in New Hampshire. I like intricate courses with windmills, waterfalls, and maybe a giant Whale that you wack your ball into his mouth and he spits it out on the other side of the course.

Test Your Mini Golf Skills at These Intricate New Hampshire Mini Golf Courses

What is your mini golf course of choice in the Granite State or beyond?

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