Clever good-ole detective work led to the arrest of man charged with breaking into a police officer's pickup truck.

The Newburyportnews is reporting on the story of the break in to a police officer’s pickup truck from which was stolen a diaper bag. The contents of the diaper bag were found by the roadside scattered all about.

The suspect, Alexander C. Bilodeau from Orchard Park, was picked up after reportedly suspiciously lurking around Elm Street near Caldwell Farm Road and Route 1 per Items he allegedly had in his possession at the time were loose change and a pack of goldfish crackers.

After being picked up, Bildodeau asked an officer if he could eat his bag of crackers, the news report stated.

Hours later, Officer Joseph Gamache brought in the package of goldfish crackers and BAM, they had a matching serial number to the wrapper of crackers that the suspect had been snacking on.

The combination of the matching serial numbers and the fact that Bilodeau was picked up wandering in the vicinity of Officer Gamache’s home was convincing evidence, the news article stated.

Bilodeau wound up pleading guilty to the charges in Newburyport District Court. Case closed thanks to snacks. The Goldfish will get you every time.

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