Bad boys, bad boys...whatya gonna do when they come for you...

Let me start by saying I've NEVER been in trouble with the police. Oh sure, I've had a few speeding tickets. But my closest run-in with an policeman is from years of watching Cops. So I was kind of curious. What would it be like to get cuffed and stuffed in the back of police cruiser?

Thanks to Chief of Police John Drury and the Farmington PD, I found out this morning during our broadcast at The Farmer's Kitchen.

While that was all for fun, I know one thing for certain, I don't ever want to be arrested for real. The cuffs were tight, the back of the police car was a very tight fit, the seats were uncomfortable, and it didn't really smell so great either.

Thanks again to Chief Drury and the Farmington Police Department for letting me scratch something off the bucket list.

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