If there's one thing you know about New Englanders, it's that we thrive in Fall. It's not too hot but not too cold, football is back, and during said football games, we usually sit back and sip on easily the most popular pumpkin beer in the area -- Shipyard's Pumpkinhead Ale.

And while sometimes we roll our eyes when it's available at the end of July/beginning of August, since we cherish our few summer months and don't necessarily want an early fall, that still doesn't stop us from buying it. But will this version that's about to roll out be different?

According to the Portland Press Herald, a THC-infused version of Shipyard Pumpkinhead is about to drop in stores and bars. BUT, don't be confused -- Shipyard isn't the one brewing this, but instead it's Novel Beverage out of Scarborough. Called Pumpkinhead "THC elixir," the brew wasn't going to be released until the fall season, until the first batch was done and Novel Beverage was like -- yeah, we need to drop this stat.

Not only did Novel strike up a partnership with Shipyard to use the Pumpkinhead likeness, but they also struck one up with Sea Dog Brewing Co. to produce a cannabis version of there Wild Blueberry Wheat ale.

And here's where it gets wild and reminds me of something you'd see on the Food Network -- the Pumpkinhead "THC elixir" and Blue Paw "THC elixir" bevvies that Novel is about to drop -- they may look like beer, but there's not one drop of beer in it! But in the same respect, Novel says they won't taste just like marijuana, either.

Now, on the one hand, for those that are looking to skip the calories but still get the relaxed feels a couple of Pumpkinheads or Blueberries can get you, well, this is a killer alternative. Plus, you have to think -- no next-day headaches, right? On the other hand, looking in my crystal ball, since these LOOK like actual beer, I see some college buddies (or just friends that joke around in general) playing pranks on each other using these "THC elixir" versions of some of the most popular beers in the area.

What do you think -- will you try any of Novel's new "THC elixir" beverages? If you're a massive Pumpkinhead or Blueberry fan, are you annoyed that there are now cannabis versions of some of your favorite brews? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't intrigued at how these taste (since they're said to have their own distinct flavors) and just how someone would act after having one.

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