This story is getting bigger every day!

The Houston Astros broke the rules in a big way by stealing signs from their opponent in 2017, according to WMUR.

Unfortunately for the Boston Red Sox, we just might be without a manager for a while, as the team's current one, Alex Cora, was with the Astros as the bench coach at the time of the cheating scandal.

Not sure how long yet but we should know soon.

It has been implied that the Red Sox did a similar thing thing in 2018, the news station reported.

Additionally, WMUR is stating that Cora’s punishment is gonna be harsh because he was reportedly the “ringleader” of the operation.

The league suspended the Astros GM and manager AJ Hinch for the season as punishment, the news station reported, and then the Astros fired them both.

So…who knows what’s gonna happen with Cora. Stay tuned!

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