Since 1896

Longevity is the best sign that a business is not only a good business but when it's a small business you know it's absolutely adored. That's definitely the case with The Goldenrod in York Beach, Maine.

The Goldenrod initially gained popularity thanks to the first electric trains coming through the area a year after they opened according to their website.

"Goldenrod Kisses"

The Goldenrod is known for their taffy lovingly named "Goldenrod Kisses". Well over a century later and locals and tourists still flock to York Beach for their taffy.

In fact, The Goldenrod has a giant window where you can stand outside and watch the taffy-making process. Approximately 8 million "Kisses" are made a year.

Soda Fountain, Ice Cream, and Candy-OH MY!

Taffy not your thing? No problem! Taffy is far from the only treat at The Goldenrod. You can also stop by and peruse the candy counter. They have everything from fudge to chocolate bark, gummies, and more! Additionally, they have a ton of homemade ice cream flavors to choose from plus fun floats!

Meals Too!

If all the delicious treats weren't enough, you can enjoy a full meal at The Goldenrod. They hit on all the tried and true favorites from sandwiches and burgers, to soups, lobster dishes, and more!

The Goldenrod

The Goldenrod will be open for the season beginning this Friday, May 21st from 11 am until 8 pm. It's worth the trip for the taffy alone, but you'll certainly stay for more. Make sure The Goldenrod is part of your next trip to York Beach.

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