Everyone knows Maine is 100% a foodie destination with the freshest seafood around. There are some truly incredible restaurants to be experienced all throughout the state. But beyond sitting down for a fancy dinner, Maine has some pretty epic snack foods.

So epic that two years ago, The TRY Channel on YouTube, which is from Ireland, decided to taste test and react to well-known and loved snacks.

Reddit user The_Quiche_Niche posed the question on r/Maine, "What's your favorite "Maine" snack?" And you'll be hungry before you reach the end of the tasty list.

It is worth noting that Maine snack is a loose term. Some items are more of a beverage, dessert, or even meal. And they may not be completely unique to Maine or even made in Maine. To qualify they just need to be more than a snack around these parts, they need to be a way of life. Iconic. And truly delicious. Or in some cases not, but we don't care.

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