It is NEVER a bad morning when a friendly face greets you with a platter full of pastries. That is certainly the way to win us over, Chef Jason!

The folks at Popovers at Brickyard Square in Epping sure know how to make their guests feel fine. They brought us over coffee and their famous popovers post haste. I can't even describe how magical these popovers were, but I shall try: morsels of light, flakey, eggy goodness.

As if that wasn't enough we both ordered delicious veggie omelets that came with fruit and yet another popover, this time a mini pop!

Governor Chris Sununu dropped by which is always great fun. We covered what is happening in our fine state of New Hampshire in terms of tourism. We also played a special edition of "Reverse This or That" where he asked us the questions. That turned out to be sheer madness. (In the good way)

And of course we played Battle of the Sexes LIVE for Brett Eldredge tickets. The women came out victorious! (YAY Chelsea!)

Veronica St Cyr
Veronica St Cyr

I'd say day 2 at Popovers was a HUGE success. We couldn't have had more fun if we tried! Thanks to the whole crew for making us feel right at home. And for letting us violate your personal space to take this photo.

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