I've never been to Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine but it is definitely on my to do list. I follow them on Facebook and live vicariously through all the people getting to snuggle the baby goats year after year. One of these years, I'll be doing the snuggling.

The first baby goats of the year stepped on the scene this week at Sunflower Farm. Mama goat, Amelia, had two doelings and a little boy! Their names are Josephine, Joni and Larry! They are all super healthy and mama barely made a peep throughout the birth! (side note: did you know giving birth to goats is called "kidding"? This is not a joke) Behold their cuteness:

And since we are living that quarantine life and most of us are wearing leisurewear, so are the baby goats. Just when you thought they couldn't get any cuter, here they are rocking PJ's. I CAN'T!!

Hopefully life will be back to normal this Summer and we can see and snuggle these goats in person. In the meantime, I highly recommend following Sunflower Farms on Facebook for your daily dose of baby goatness.

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