You know how Taylor Swift reinvents herself with every new album she releases? Well, not that I'm comparing myself to Tay Tay or anything, but I too have decided to reinvent myself in 2021.

I am keeping parts of the old Kira because she was pretty cool. But the new and improved Kira ventures outside her comfort zone often, her physical and mental health are always top of mind, and she embraces where she is RIGHT NOW. Right now I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the country with my husband who I adore. We don't have children yet so this frees up my time to learn new skills and do things for me!

We have been hiking a lot, even in the Winter and I am also learning how to ski. It can be frustrating and embarrassing to be a 30 something year old woman who is falling on her bum all day but I am sticking with it! And these items I bought at Kittery Trading Post are making my new hobbies that much more enjoyable:

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