Winter is coming weather we like it or not so we might as well embrace it! Donald Cotnoir is! He took this video of the stream in his backyard in Colebrook, New Hampshire, and it looks like a Winter Wonderland.

The folks at WMUR wanted to share this beautiful scene so the video actually made the morning news this weekend!

For the most part, people in the comments seem ready for snow! Here is what the people are saying:

Elaine Cowell Robbins: This is truly beautiful! Every season has its own beauty, doesn’t it?

Eric Douidi: Simply majestic and beautiful

Tina Marie Wronkowski: Beautiful north country!

Alice Cronin: Boy does that look magical. Did you make a snow angel. Ha!

(Donald didn't make a snow angel if you were also wondering)

Has snow fallen yet in your town? If so, where do you live?

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