How many times have you been sitting at your desk at work and you are ITCHING for an iced coffee from Dunks. But you fear if you step away from your work you might lose your groove because you are in the zone, chief! Raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimized by caffeine deprivation! I know your hand is up right now.

It was just announced this week that Dunkin' is partnering up with Grub Hub and Dunkin' deliveries are now a thing. That's right, Dunkin's famous coffee, breakfast sandwiches, Frozen Coolattas, bagels, and donuts can be delivered to your home or office with a simple tap of your phone screen.

But before we get too excited, it is starting in New York City and will eventually be rolled out to other markets like Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston. Hopefully, all of New England will all be able to experience a Dunkin' delivery in the near future. In the meantime, we can continue to nag our co-workers to go on coffee runs.

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