Rapper Ja Rule organized the event

City Harvest's 23rd Annual Evening Of Practical Magic - Inside
Getty Images for City Harvest

The Fyre Music Festival was supposed to be a luxury music fest held in the Bahamas.  Tickets started at $4,000 and some VIP packages were nearly $250,000!

Rapper Ja Rule and a partner (Billy McFarland, a business owner) created the event which was supposed to include headliner Blink 182.

Blink 182 has since backed out of the event and it is being called an epic fail of a gathering by those in attendance on social media.

Problems include lack of food, insufficient amenities and what several have called "Mass Chaos."

The Fader has chronicled the series of events HERE.

Imagine spending all this money and having it go awry? They should've known something was wrong spending all that money to see Blink 182!  For $ grand I better be seeing Garth, Tim, Faith & a Led Zeppelin reunion- all at once

Full story HERE.

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