Have you heard of “The Grid” challenge? Try and beat this guy!

I am an avid hiking fan, but there is no way I could come even close to setting the record for the “Grid Challenge” like Philip Carcia.

According to wmur.com, the Grid Challenge consists of hiking all 48 mountain peaks in New Hampshire.

To qualify as part of the Grid the mountain peak must be at least 4000 feet high.

So yeah, I drove up to Mount Washington.  That, apparently, doesn’t count.  It was a beautiful drive, but I can’t imagine hiking it to the top, let alone another 47 mountains on top of THAT hike.

The news station reports that one Carcia, 35 years old, did the Grid Challenge of hiking all 48 peaks in each of the 12 months of a single year.  That’s an astounding 576 climbs totaling 2,700 miles of hiking.

He finished the challenge in only 319 days, according to WMUR, and that’s 5 whole weeks faster than the last challenger!

What an accomplishment. Congratulations to Philip Carcia on this record-setting event.  You have inspired me to get out there and hike more often.  My wife says I have to return the bear mace I bought for my hiking adventures.

I wonder if Philip Carcia had bear mace in his backpack.

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