Yesterday while we were on the air, Chio decided it was time for a mid morning snack. He pulled a banana from his backpack that was ready to be thrown into the freezer and saved for banana bread. That banana had seen better days, it was past it's prime, it was the Britney Spears of bananas. Too soon? When I brought this to Chio's attention, he got a little defensive! He said that banana was at the sweetest point in it's life cycle. He proceeded to peel his bruise covered banana and take a bite.

We decided to take this spat on the air and it seems we are living in a world divided. Half of our listeners love a banana on the brownish side. The other half side with me and air on the side of caution. We are more likely to eat a banana that is on the greener side.

So I ask, which of these bananas looks more delicious to you?

Banana A:

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Banana B:

Getty Images/iStockphoto

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