Even a pandemic could not stop the Greater Lakes Children’s Auction from putting on their show according to Concord Monitor.com.  Although the Auction will look remarkably different this year, the show has been going on since 1982 and they weren’t going to let the pandemic stop them.  The organization has put in a lot of safety precautions this year.  The auction started on Tuesday, December 8 through Friday, December 11 from 9 am till 3 pm each day.

Many of the shots of the show will be prerecorded and the auction host Zack Derby will be interacting with guests via Zoom.  The Executive director of Lake Region Public Access, Grace McNamara worked diligently on the production planning which was a herculean task. This year you will not see the phone volunteers taking bids as those volunteers will be socially distanced and spread out over a large area.  Photos have been taken for each of the auction items, so you won’t see them being held up by volunteers this year.

This year, the Greater Lakes Children’s Auction will be using three buildings at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion.  Workers will be assigned to one building and are not going back and forth from building to building.  Once an item has successfully been auctioned, a member of the auction team will bring it out to the winning bidder’s vehicle according to reporting by concordmonitor.com. Thankfully technology and a team of dedicated workers will enable the auction to go on.  The Greater Lakes Children’s Auction raised over $600,000 last year per the news outlet.




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