If you guessed that Rob Gronkowski was the mysterious White Tiger on the show “The Masked Singer,” you guessed correctly.

Has the Gronk cloned himself? He seems to be EVERYWHERE.

According to Yahoo.com, it was indeed the famous former tight end for the New England Patriots dressed in a ridiculous tiger costume (would you expect anything different from the Gronk?) on the popular hit show “the Masked Singer.”

Many props to the Gronk for beating out Chaka Khan and Dionne Warwick, both Grammy-winning artists.


But despite how entertaining he was, his tone-deaf vocals could not get him a spot in the “Super Nine.”

As yahoo.com reports, “there was no big cat rescue that could rescue him from elimination.”

There is no doubt his performance was entertaining.

The Judges were impressed by Gronk’s sense of fun which comes as no surprise to anyone in New England. The guy can put on a show.

Now let’s sit back and watch what he does next.

Now that it was revealed he was the White Tiger, I think anything is possible.

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