America is a hard working country. According to a report by the website WalletHub, the average American worker puts in almost 1,800 hours a year at their job. That's over 260 more hours than workers in the United Kingdom, and 424 more than Germany.

So while no one can argue we work hard in the United States, WalletHub wanted to find out which American city worked the hardest. So they did a study based on 116 of the biggest cities. They factored in stuff like employment rate, average work week hours, and who worked multiple jobs. And here's what they discovered...

Anchorage, Alaska is the hardest working city in the United States. San Francisco, CA was right behind them. And Irving, TX was the third hardest working city.

Of course folks in New England are no stranger to hard work. But believe it or not, we're right in the middle of the pack when it comes to hardest working.

Portland, ME is ranked as the hardest working city in New England. Portland ranked 24th on the list. Manchester, NH follows at number 29. Boston is 46. And Burlington, VT is the least hard working city in New England. They came in next to last on the list.

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