How many times have you been out somewhere and seen a little kid being pushed around in a stroller or cart, or being pulled in a wagon? Don't you wish you had it that easy?



Not to mention the cool toys kids have available as well. Plus, when you're a little kid your clothing choices are easy. Putting aside for the moment the fact that somebody else dresses you, your fashion choices are easy. Pick a onesie and done. No matching tops to bottoms and color coordinating your socks and accessories. Nope, throw on the onesie and you are stylin'.

Now somebody has taken that concept one step farther. It's the 'Suitsy'... An adult onesie that is a complete business suit. I personally believe that the Bond movies may have inspired this thing. How many times have we seen James Bond parachute into a bad guy cocktail party and shed his jump suit to reveal a perfectly tailored and pressed suit? Ditto for skin-diving into a bad guy cocktail party. You also have to wonder why bad guys have so many cocktail parties but that's another discussion.

This thing is the ultimate article of clothing for the bro on the go. I don't mind a nice sport coat, but the whole suit and tie thing is annoying. This deal is a one-piece jumpsuit that zips on and off. Never have to worry about the shirt being mis-buttoned or coming un-tucked because it's all one deal. The tie isn't included so you can go business-casual with this as well.

They are crowd funding now and early believers can pick up a custom-tailored Suitsy for around $300.

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