Yes, that’s right. The alleged parking lot pooper has finally been caught.

TMZ reports that Andrea Grocer is in custody and is the suspect in the Parking Lot Pooper incidents. She doesn’t look flush with excitement in her mug shot photo.

Store employees began to notice something afoul last month when discovering mounds of feces, according to TMZ.

At first, they thought it might be an animal but then they discovered the poop was surrounded by toilet paper and wipes, the article stated.

Most animals do not carry baby wipes around to take a poo. Maybe I'm wrong? What do I know?

The store did have video surveillance of someone pooping in the parking lot, but the vehicle’s license plate was always blocked from view, TMZ stated. Police stepped up patrols and caught reportedly Andrea Grocer with her pants down pooping out the door of her vehicle.

She says she has a medical condition and could not wait until she got to her job, according to TMZ.

She has been charged with 8 counts wanton destruction of property, according to the article.

I gotta ask, who does this? Is this a thing now? Was she angry at the store? I gotta have some answers here because this is just wild behavior.

She is due back in court on March 2 and hopefully, we can get some answers.

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