“Total Breakdown” is opening in downtown Somersworth on February 29 this year!

Are you tired of trying to release your pent-up frustrations in yoga class? Are massages not quite the way to relax? Still, feeling frustrated and screaming in your car at traffic?

Well, Susan Lawrence and her daughter Christina McLaren may have a solution for you to vent your frustrations in a cathartic way.

According to Fosters.com, the mother and daughter team are set to open up a smash room in the former location of The Gathering Place at 156 High Street.

The concept of a smash room is really taking off.  The smash room will offer a host of goodies for you to smash from glassware to printers but feel free to bring your own stuff.

Once you enter you will don protective gear and use a golf club, sledgehammer, hockey sticks, and baseball bats and smash stuff, the news article stated.

Remember that figurine your ex bought you that you now hate? Well bring it on down to the “Total Breakdown” and obliterate it to pieces.

Fosters.com reports that Christina McLaren is looking to make the place a hub for local kids looking for a safe, fun place to play after school by offering a Nerf arena with an arsenal of dart guns open to all ages.

You must be 18 or have parental permission to smash stuff but it certainly is shaping up to look like a great way to destress for anyone.

I want to come and smash a printer because printers are my biggest frustration.


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