Old Man Winter has already dumped a bunch of snow on the Granite State, and the forecast is calling for more later this week.

Everyone in New Hampshire knows that when a big snow storm is on the way you run to Hannaford or Market Basket to stock up on bread, eggs, milk, beer and toilet paper. And not always in that order!

There are a few other pre-storm rituals...make sure the batteries in your flashlight work. Check to see you still have salt to throw down on the porch stairs and sidewalk. And have your snow shovel close to the backdoor. These all vary depending on where you live.

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But the one thing that EVERYONE from New Hampshire does if they park outside, is stick their windshield wipers up before the snow starts. I'm certain this is how you tell a real New Hampshire resident from the newbies.

If you have a pre-snow storm ritual, tell me what it is.

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