When news broke in late-July and early-August that a unique new restaurant with a Harry Potter-ish theme would be opening in Maine, people got VERY excited.

The restaurant had planned a grand opening for mid-September, and promised they'd only be operational for a little over a year and that the only way in was via reservation.

Well, reservations have piled up but so has the red tape and thus, The Perfect Spell has announced they've delayed their grand opening.

Witcher cauldron with color smoke for Halloween
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In a email sent out to customers who had made reservations for the opening weekend, the restaurant apologized for the delayed opening but was prohibited by the town council meetings schedule in Pownal, where the restaurant will operate.

The new grand opening date will be October 3rd, with the plan to still operate as a witches and wizards theatrical restaurant until October 31st, 2020. If all goes well, the theme will switch from there.

If you've made reservations for any weekend dates in September and haven't received an email from The Perfect Spell, you're encouraged to contact them for details on a refund and rebooking your experience.

And if you haven't made your reservation yet, the most recent update to The Perfect Spell Facebook page says the restaurant is more than 55% sold out.

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