You never know if your whimsy will bring delight to so many.  I bet Laurie Basinet had no clue when she cut down the giant maple tree in her front yard, she would bring so much joy to so many.

According to, instead of having the stump of the tree removed, she created a fairy cottage compete with a door, lights, its own flower landscaping, and adorable little roof.

You can open the door and peek inside to see what the fairies or pixies are up to that day.  She also decorates the fairy house (or do the fairies themselves decorate it) for each different season.

The fairy house has taken on special significance to one little boy in the neighborhood.

Asher McGowan is four years old and his mom tells “It’s often the highlight of his day.  When people ask Asher, ‘what are you going to do today? He replies, “go to the fairy house.”

Snow, sleet, rain, or sunshine, visiting the fairy house is just part of Asher’s day.  During the pandemic, many parents are looking for ways to entertain their children but in Asher’s case, the safety precautions are a little heightened.

Asher has congenital heart and lung disease which requires him to use supplemental oxygen, according to the news station

As you can imagine, his family feels isolated.  Basinet just wanted to make a cute fairy house and bring some whimsy to the neighborhood.

Asher left Basinet a letter in the fairy house and it brought her so much joy, according to News Center Maine, and Asher’s mom is grateful for the work that Basinet has put into the fairy house but Basinet thinks the happiness is a gift that gives back to her each day as she watches children explore it from her home, at a safe distance, often behind the windows.

We need more people like Laurie Basinet!  I want to build a fairy house!


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