Let's take a break from obsessively checking our phones and thinking about politics for a second. Much like everything else, Christmas is going to look different this year. Kids have had to miss out on so much and it makes my heart hurt for them; Birthday parties at Chuck-E-Cheese, sports, graduations, the list goes on and on.

Santa might not be at your local mall to discuss Christmas wishes with your kiddos. He might be pushing all of his meetings to Zoom until next year.

We need to make sure the little humans in our lives still feel loved, cherished, and recognized for being so darn good especially during a crazy year.

Aedan Silva took to the Barnstead NH Community Group Facebook page to share that there is a letter box to Santa in Barnstead that anyone is free to use!

Aedan said her family will TOTALLY be using it!

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

This is your child's direct line to Santa. And get this, if they want a response from the big guy in red, PLUS a token for the holidays, make sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope. How thrilled would your kiddo be to get a letter from Santa?

The letter box is located at: 96 S Barnstead Rd (Route 126) next to the FD

I'm sure your kids already know what they want from Santa this year so make sure they put it in writing. :)


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