In case you missed it, on Christmas morning, a massive explosion went off in downtown Nashville, and it's believed to be intentional. While investigation into the explosion continues, we had a couple of our own really close to the blast.

Way too close, actually.

Joey Orlando and his family are from Whitefield but travel every Christmas, and this year's destination was -- you guessed it, Nashville. They're staying in a hotel just blocks away from where the explosion happened, and Joey told WMUR that he felt the entire hotel shake right after the explosion happened. Not only that, but just TWELVE HOURS BEFOREHAND, Joey and his family were eating at a Brazilian restaurant downtown RIGHT WHERE THE BOMB WENT OFF.

Can you imagine being a 12 hour time frame away from a horrific event like that, that could've gone A LOT worse for that whole family?

Thankfully, they're all safe and sound, as is my buddy JC Coffey.

JC moved down to Nashville a couple of years ago for work, but grew up in Atkinson and lived in Manchester while working in Dover. So, needless to say, his New Hampshire roots run deep. After the explosion, JC posted this picture of Nashville from what I'm assuming is the night before (or at least a calm Nashville at night during Christmas):

He also tossed up another post on Facebook detailing exactly how close he was to the explosion -- which I won't post here since it contains personal information, etc, but he did recount exactly how close he was to the explosion and what it was like/what ran through his head:

Thanks to all who reached out today. It was an interesting Christmas to say the least. While I don’t like publishing my actual address on socials I’ll say this: it was was way too close.
The blast shook my building and my windows at around 6:30 AM and to say it was horrifying just doesn’t do it justice.
It was so loud and startling that I woke up trying to catch my breath.
I’m very thankful to be writing this. Hoping they find anyone who is even remotely responsible.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wherever this social post finds you. I’m truly ready to put this dumpster fire of a year behind us.

You wouldn't think something that happened in Nashville, Tennessee, would be so closely associated with us up here in New England, but just goes to show -- anything is possible. Stay safe, all!

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