In the quest to find love, plenty of methods are fair game.

Some people look among friends, friends of friends, or other connections. Others go on dating apps, join clubs or other social activities, or shoot their shot in gutsier ways like sliding into the DM's, approaching someone at the bar, or even applying for dating TV shows.

And then there's Missed Connections.

This method, aka posting a personal ad in search of an attractive stranger who crossed your path, is typically used on Craigslist. That said, most folks would probably consider that forum to be an outdated method for connecting. So, why not have Missed Connections on a platform like Facebook? You never know when a chance encounter can change your life, and with around two billion users on the popular platform, anything can happen.

Enter seacoast missed connections, a new Facebook group aiming to help folks find love – or a good laugh – right here in Seacoast New Hampshire and Maine.

Here's what the group's founder, Jay Doherty, had to say about this fun endeavor:

Always thought missed connections like on Craigslist were fascinating and sometimes hysterical and is actually a needed community service! So allow me to play cupid and help get folks together! Spread the word and let's make this page a must in everyone's feed!

The fun of this Missed Connections group is that its focus isn't exclusively on romance. Jay says that "I love this page for its satirical potential as much as the obvious reasons. I embrace the jokers. We could all use a laugh!"

Folks have already started sharing posts. Some have been sincere, telling stories of a good samaritan returning a wallet or a sweet elderly man waving to people on his walks. Then there are the rest, which are mostly satirical at the time of this writing. One post jokingly complained of a hungry patron taking forever to place a Chipotle order ("Either you want beans or you don’t want beans. It’s not that hard. Please e-mail me. I need to understand this."), and another recalling how an handicapped wiener dog nicknamed "Wheelie" "jack-knifed like an overloaded tractor-trailer" on a slippery road (rest assured, Mr. Wheelie was fine).

Honestly, we can't get enough of this group, and know things are only getting better from here.

Seacoast missed connections has 320 members at the time of this writing, and that number's sure to only grow with time. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to join in on the chaos. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up finding love.

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