I saw the movie Titanic in theaters for the 20th anniversary and I wept the entire time. So after being ridiculed on the air by Bill for a while this morning, we asked our listeners what movie makes them cry no matter how many times they have seen it.

Here are the 10 saddest scenes from the 10 saddest movies, watch them and weep!


"I'm their past, you are their future". (cue sobbing)

My Girl

"He can't see without his glasses!"

Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams just wanted to spend time with his kids!!! That's all he wanted. I'm crying again.

Marley and Me

Anything to do with a dog dying is instant tears for Bill. His words, not mine.

The Notebook

Love Actually

Steel Magnolias

The Fault in our Stars

A Walk to Remember

My Sister's Keeper

Well, I don't know about you but I am emotionally EXHAUSTED. Thanks for having a good cry with me.

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