Yesterday was the Cheesecake Factory's 40th anniversary, so they gave away 40,000 free slices of cheesecake to celebrate.  But the only way to get those slices was to order them on an app called DoorDash.

According to the Washington Post, one person in Virginia was even arrested for fighting with the cops. Yes...he went to jail for fighting over cheesecake.

To make things right with Cheescake factory fans, DoorDash  made things right by expanding the offer and delivered more than 60,000 free slices around the country.

So how crazy are folks in New England about Cheesecake Factory...and other national chain restaurants? We asked what chain would you like to see in your town. Here's a sample of what people in New Hampshire and Maine said.

I have to agree with everyone that said Chic-fil-A. While on vacation in South Carolina last week, I ate there five times! What can I say, I'm hooked on the spicy chicken sandwich with extra pickles and sweet tea!


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