Is there anything worse than waiting in line? It's like sitting in traffic! It's anxiety inducing because it's so beyond your control. You know deep in your heart that you have to just sit there and wait it out and it can be soul sucking. But if you really want to do something you don't have much of a choice but to endure the pain that is waiting in line.

One of my least favorite places to wait in line is the DMV. No one is happy to be there (even though the staff is really quite pleasant, at least at the one in Dover) and you can just feel misery in the air.

The longest I've ever waited in line was to meet Portland's own Anna Kendrick. She was signing copies of her book "Scrappy Little Nobody" at Books-a-Million in South Portland, Maine. It was the day before Thanksgiving so traffic was horrendous to begin with. Once I got to the book store I waited in line for three hours to spend approximately 15 seconds in Anna's presence. *sigh* the things we do for love. It ended up being totally worth it. Clumsy old me knocked over a stack of copies of "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn and we laughed about it together. I like to think she remembers me. Here's a pic to prove our friendship:


We asked our listeners about the longest lines they have waited in and here is what they said on Facebook:

Rachel: The Roger Williams Zoo for the pumpkin festival. It was probably about 2 hours! Way longer than any Disney line I've ever stood in.

Mary Ellen: I waited in line for 4 hours at Walmart on Thanksgiving for a laptop for my hubby. (A few years ago)

Cindy: Over an hour at the Chick-fil-A truck at the Fox Run Mall

Mindy: VIP for Luke Bryan!  About 3 hours before being let into vip area and then another 2-21/2 for him to come out and perform! Worth every minute!

Morgan: In 2011 my sister, mom, and I stood in line for a few hours to touch the Stanley cup. Totally worth it!!!

Tiffani: Almost 2 hours waiting to get into Oxford casino a few weeks ago 😖

What is the longest line you have ever waited in? Was it worth it?

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