It just isn't Christmas until I've watched my three favorite holiday movies. I have to watch Elf. It was the must-see-movie when my boys were little. But I still love watching it now...with or without them.

Then there's Love Actually. I just love how all of the stories intersect with one another. And it's romantic. So make sure you watch it with someone you love...and have the mistletoe ready.

And finally, I have to watch Die Hard. Oh sure...there will be those nay sayer's who try to tell you that it isn't a Christmas movie. But I scoff at them. Just try to tell Bruce Willis saving the the nation isn't the ultimate Christmas gift. Plus he says "Yippee-ki-ya *&^%$#$%^&@*"...perhaps the great holiday greeting after Merry Christmas!

So what movies do most folks in New England love to watch this time of the year?

Well according to, it really varies state by state. They used data from Rotten Tomatoes and other sources to compile a list of the most popular Christmas movies of all time. Here's what they found...

New Hampshire: A Christmas Carol. The Charles Dickens classic has been made and remade quite a few times. Whichever version you's a must-see for those of us living in the Granite State.

Maine: The Snowman. After an English boy makes a snowman on Christmas Eve, it comes to life to take him on an adventure to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.

Massachusetts: Love Actually. The storyline is amazing. The cast is great. Like I said's a personal must-see.

Vermont: Joyeux Noel. I have to be honest...I've never heard of this movie, let alone see it. I Googled it, and I'll just say it doesn't sound like the feelgood movie of the holiday season. But each their own.

To see the complete list of every states favorite Christmas movie click HERE.


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