Keep your eyes open for some unusual looking money. Last Thursday, the U.S. Mint released its first ever pink coin to help benefit breast cancer research. According to USA Today, they're expecting it to raise $8 million. And it looks like they're well on their way because they made $4 million on the very first day!

There are three different versions of the coins. There's a pink $5 coin, a silver one-dollar coin, and a silver 50-cent piece. But they're collector's items, so they're actually selling for much more than face value. The pink $5 coin costs about $420. The $1 coin is around $50. The half dollar is a little less than $30.

That might sound like something only hardcore collectors would buy…but it appears like regular people are buying them too. After all, it benefits breast cancer research…so it’s a great cause. And most of us know someone who's either battled breast cancer, or we have a family member or friend who has.

If you want to purchase any of the coins, they're available now on the United States Mint website.

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