Kristen Ingersoll shared the above pic on the u local New Hampshire page and I'm so glad she did. Even if you can't stand Valentine's Day, your heart can't help but flutter after seeing this photo. What I have gathered from Kristen in my expert Facebook stalking skills is that she works in some capacity with animals (I believe she is a Vet Tech). She lives in Danville, New Hampshire with her husband and the three adorable room mates you see above. The fact that she kept all three of them still long enough to take this photo is extremely impressive. She should send it to Hallmark to make a Valentine's Day card. I would buy it!

This isn't the first time these three musketeers showed their spirit! Check them out at Christmas time:

I CAN'T EVEN! I was trying to figure out their names and the only one I can figure out is the middle guy, his name is Lamby!

Kristen, please continue to spread holiday cheer with these three amigos. It brings a huge smile to all of our faces and we could all use more reasons to smile. I can't wait to see what they wear for St. Patty's Day!

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