Now is the time to talk about deck safety awareness.

The weather is getting nice outside, so time to put that deck to good use, right?  It’s so enjoyable to host outdoor parties and have your friends over to kick off summer, but deck safety is critical.

Time to use some common sense. Check the structural integrity of your outdoor party space.

Chances are, it’s not meant to be packed with your friends.

According to WMUR TV, some unfortunate partygoers in Nashua found out Saturday night that decks have limits. The DJ from inside witnessed the horror of seeing a deck collapse, the news station reported.

Fortunately, just minor injuries were reported by the local fire department, WMUR stated. It could have been a lot worse.

Due to the deck collapse, the family living in the home have been temporarily displaced, the news station reported.

As the weather takes a nicer turn, it’s important to give some thoughts to the safety of our outdoor living spaces. Keep an eye on small children, prevent climbing, and remember not to pack your deck with too many people. Have a great summer!

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