Being from New Hampshire, or having lived in the Granite State for an extended period of time, is like being a member of a very exclusive club. It's a club where you choose to freeze your nether regions off for six months out of the year, and also pronounce some words funny! But the members of this club are a tight-knit group, and we have each other's backs. We can make obscure references about landmarks, restaurants, and TV commercials that only WE understand. And who doesn't love being in on an inside joke?

Living in New Hampshire is a very unique experience that you simply don't understand if you're from another part of the country. We understand there are certain times of the year where we experience all four seasons in one day. Therefore, we are forced to learn the art of layering our clothes. We get to laugh when people from out of town try to pronounce words like 'Winnipesauke', 'Piscataqua', or 'Kancamagus'!

As Granite Staters, there are certain words that can put us in a bad mood instantly. When they are uttered in our presence, it can cause us to get all riled up or roll our eyes at the very least. Recently, we asked our readers on Facebook, "How do you annoy someone from New Hampshire with a single word?" And boy, did you deliver! Your answers made us laugh wicked hard. So hard that we may have peed a little.

Check out our list, and let us know if we are missing any.  If you've lived here long enough, you know why these words are cringeworthy!

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