Fellas, I get it.

You hate shopping just as much as I do.

You want your wife or girlfriend to be happy, so part of you wants her to shop, but you despise being dragged around from store to store just to say, "Yup, that looks good."

It is arguably the worst thing in the world. Not only do you not want to shop, but you would also rather be spending your money doing something fun...not wasting a day trying on clothing or watching someone try on clothing (which they likely won't even buy).

What are you even shopping for? Likely a question that the shopper cannot even answer..."just poking around"...you know the deal.

So, why are you going?

Don't. Don't go. Stay strong.

Some of my best days, and my wife's most fun shopping days, are when we go to a shopping area, like downtown Portsmouth, and separate. She goes shopping alone or with a gal pal, and I go to a bar or somewhere else alone or with a buddy.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is a wonderful place to spend a weekend. Many who do not live in the area find themselves in Portsmouth for a weekend away. When that happens, a shopping day, or at least the afternoon, will be part of the agenda almost 100% of the time.

So, fellas, I have compiled a list of options for you to do while your partner shops. Let her go, have her fun...you don't want to go anyway.

I have done this MANY times in Portsmouth, as my wife and I live here.

I have options for food, drinks, and activities to do solo or with other pals. Check it out and enjoy your day!

What to Do in Downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire While Your Wife or Girlfriend Shops

Fellas, I get it. I have compiled a list for you. No more waiting in the car. Instead, try one of these things to do in Portsmouth, New Hampshire while your wife or girlfriend shops.

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