A Messy Situation

Owners were a bit panicked when their German Shepard fell into their 500-gallon septic tank at their home, according to UP!. Yikes!  I have been to the park with my white English Cream Golden Retriever and had him rolling in mud but never something as smelly as a septic tank situation.

Thankfully the dog is doing just fine after a bath, according to the news site.

Bedford Police Came in Clutch

The poor owners of the gorgeous German Shepard must have freaked out when their dog fell into the septic tank.

Bedford Police department responded quickly to provide help for the poor pooch.  Thankfully, with a little creativity and the use of a catch pole, the officers were able to extract the dog and reunited him with his happy owners, according to UPI.

According to the Bedford NH Police Department Facebook post, officers say, “The dog had a bath and is doing well.  We think his owners were more panicked than he was, but we’re just happy to we were able to help.”

The Lesson Learned

I suppose the most important lesson learned from this story is that dogs are curious by nature and when have your septic tank serviced, keep your dogs inside. I would have freaked out and my daughter loves her pups, I am quite sure she would have been screaming.

Thank goodness for our men and women in blue that they came through to save the day.  I like how the officers reported that the dog was all in all pretty non-plussed about the incident.  Just another curious adventure for him but the owners must have been freaked out.

I am willing to bet that beautiful dog had more than just one bath after the incident.  We can laugh now that we know it turned out stinky but happy for the dog.



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