Summer jobs aren't always the most exciting. For most high school kids, the most riveting part is when you receive your paycheck. But not this guy!

A few weeks ago it was Austin Goddard's second day at a restaurant in Cincinnati called "Skyline Chili". Their claim to fame is a big ole plate of spaghetti topped with chili and a massive mound of cheese. (That is something I definitely want experience some day.)

While Austin was bussing tables he noticed that a 74-year-old man had collapsed. Austins school had made all of the 10th graders learn how to do CPR so he rushed over immediately and started to give the guy chest compressions. He saved his life!

The man sent Austin a photo of him at the hospital, enjoying more food from Skyline, and wrote a note thanking him for saving his life. The moral of the story is CPR should be taught in all schools! And Austin is going to have the most exciting Summer job story of anyone at his high school, that is for sure.

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