I am always bragging that I can carry 6 grocery bags into the house at a time, but this story has inspired me to step up and start working on my lifting game.  I focus too much on the cardio and enjoy a good walk, but I need to bring something more to take it to the next level.

According to patch.com-nh, Patrick Kusior of Londonderry broke three world records for powerlifting!  And… wait for it.  He is 56 years old.

Talk about inspiring.

The local Londonderry man competed in the sport of powerlifting at the NH/VT State Powerlifting Championships in New Market, NJ, the news site reported. When he was younger, he found he didn’t have the time to dedicate to the sport and gave it up.

Kusior was in 55-59 age category, 198 lbs weight class, according to Patch, and squatted 525 pounds, bench pressed 350 pounds and deadlifted 510 pounds. Now that's some serious weight!

Patrick Kusior says the time is right for fitness. He credits his martial arts training for a large part of his success in coming back to be a competitive athlete.

Bonus side effect? It helps him alleviate stress.

This guy’s statistics are incredible and I am inspired... until I come across Dunkin'.

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