"Brady", the stuffed goat, was quite the celebrity at the Patriots parade on Tuesday. He was being hugged and kissed by none other than Rob Gronkowski. He was covered in beer but thrilled to be an integral part of the parade festivities.

The owners of Brady are a couple from New Hampshire named Sheri and Michael. Sadly, after his cuddle session with Gronk, Brady the goat was tossed onto a flatbed truck with players Dave Andrews and Marcus Cannon and was never seen again. The couple is doing everything in their power to get him back home. Even The Boston Globe is doing what they can to help!

As we know, Patriot's fans can be pretty superstitious. If Sheri and Micheal were watching a game and the Pats weren't playing their best, they would move Brady the goat to a different area of the room. Brady is much more than a stuffed animal, he is a lucky charm!

If you know anything about Brady's whereabouts, please reach out to Michael Brody via Facebook. This man is on a mission!

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