Though Dr. Jim O'Connell might be more comfortable practicing medicine in a warm Doctors office, that is not where his patients are. According to CBS Boston, He is the only "street doctor" left in Boston and treats about 700 patients regularly.

Every day O'Connell and his team of social workers and psychologists make their rounds to people who live in parks, under bridges and on the outskirts of town. They perform everything from stitches to emotional counseling.

O'Connell planned on being an Oncologist early in his career. That all changed when he took what was meant to be a one-year position as the founding doctor of the new health care program for Boston’s homeless. 32 years later he is now the head of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program.

Of course practicing Oncology would have been a more lucrative route for O'Connell. However, this selfless man decided that some things are just more important and his patients are so grateful for that.

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