Montilio's Baking Company, fed thousands of hungry pats fans on Sunday at the Patriots send-off rally at Gillette! This cake was 16-by-12-feet and covered with Patriots symbols and phrases. The confection weighed over 1,400 pounds! It was transported by truck and assembled there. I would be nervous to travel with such precious cargo!

They have other Patriots themed treats for your superbowl party incluiding cookies that look like jerseys and a cake that looks like a goat's head, obviously in Tom Brady's honor. The ironic part is he's probably never eaten a piece of cake. He's never tried a strawberry after all!

The owner George Montilio said he and his staff look forward to making Patriot's sweet treats for their customers. When the Pats beat the Falcons in 2017, the bakery made a life sized Tom Brady cake. We can only hope for another one this year. GO PATS!

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