I first discovered Ross Stores while i was in Las Vegas several years ago while attending the ACM Awards.

I had a wardrobe malfunction with the dress I brought with me to wear to the show. As we were walking up and down the strip in Vegas, I noticed the sign for Ross.  I figured I'd walk in and check it out. I was like a kid in a candy store. I spent a lot and I mean a lot of time in the store wishing we had one back home.

I found a gorgeous gown that fit perfectly and the price was right up my alley! My wardrobe crisis was averted.

I read online recently, that Ross Stores are eyeing the possibility of opening more stores across the country. RetailDive says Ross Stores' plan is open 75 Ross Dress for Less locations and 25 dd Discounts.

I'm hoping they will consider the New England area when planning on where to open their new stores. You can get really good deals on beautiful clothing, shoes and housewares.

David McNew Getty Images
David McNew Getty Images

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