If a place has been in business for 43 years, that means they are doing something right! At Puppy Love Hotdog Stand in Concord, they don't just serve up hot dogs. They serve love in a bun! And you can have that love topped with relish, chili, cheese, sauerkraut, Tabasco, or just ketchup and mustard if you are a purist!

According to OnlyInYourState, Pete and Jo Goodwin bought a pushcart back in 1976 and thus Puppy Love Hot Dog Stand was born. Perhaps the name came from the stage they were experiencing in their relationship. PS: This is how rumors start.

Somewhere along the way, they bought a storefront. It didn't seem fair to deprive the people of New Hampshire during the Winter months. Now they can enjoy the deliciousness of Puppy Love Hot Dogs all year round!

But the retro push cart still makes an appearance when the weather is nice. It even travels to different events around the capital city!

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