According to WMUR, a couple who recently moved from New York to North Carolina were taking a stroll through Whole Foods and the gentleman decided that then was as good a time as any to pop the question! She said "yes" as she shoved a sample of hummus into her pie hole!

The store holds a near and dear place in the couples heart. Not only did they get engaged there, but as their relationship was blossuming in New York they used to walk to Whole Foods together and have very deep conversations.

It was only appropriate that one year latern they would have their wedding in a Whole Foods store. It doesn't get more romantic than overpriced produce, am I right? The actual ceremony took place in the shop's floral department and a recepetion for guests was held in the store's cafe.

My favorite part of the whole (foods) ordeal was the punny signs they had hanging all over the store to celebrate their love. They said things like "cantaloupe anymore" and "rib-eye do" and What a "radishing" bride! How awesome is that!?!

What is the most unique wedding venue you have ever been to?

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