Being a national list, those who assumed this list would gravitate to one of the larger areas in the state are in for quite a surprise.

Okay, then it has to be Conway, right? Nope. In fact, one of the great things about this list is there are legitimately 10-15 different possibilities to ponder, before you automatically scroll to the bottom for an answer. Congratulations if you haven't already done that. For a reward, I should just hide the answer here. put together a list of "adorable" towns in the USA. #1 for us, Hanover. They wrote: "Home to the prestigious Ivy League Dartmouth College, Hanover is one of the nation’s oldest towns. Head to Main Street for New England architecture, individual boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. The town is also located along the Connecticut River, where you can enjoy kayaking and canoeing or take a walk across the pretty Ledyard Bridge."

These lists tend to fire up the areas who felt they deserved the honor, and generally tick off anyone with hometown pride. Did MSN get it right? Honorable mentions?

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