As a lifelong resident, I'm anything but surprised that New Hampshire ranks second nationwide for having the most speed traps.

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If you regularly travel on any major New Hampshire highway, you know where to look. On I-93 alone there are about 15 of these between Manchester and the Massachusetts boarder.

Yep. I'm talking about those cutoffs in the middle of the highways where New Hampshire State Troopers sit in their green speed trap machines waiting for the next speeder.

So it should come as no surprise to you that New Hampshire was recently ranked #2 on the list of the worst states for speed traps according to The website claims that the most notorious speed trap is in Loudon on Route 106 by the Laconia-Gilford Bypass.

The website includes data indicating that, in New Hampshire, there are an average of 37.6 speed traps for every 100,000 residents. Here is what they had to say about speed traps in The Granite State.

New HAMPSHIRE??? Really, we're not making this up: if you're headed to Lake Winnipesaukee -- of What About Bob? fame -- you’ll likely cross right through the worst speed trap in the state with the second most per capita of any state in the union. The best advice? Stay off of Highway 3, even when it doubles as I-93. It passes through Nashua (second worst in state), then Manchester (third), before hitting Concord (first), and up to Dr. Marvin's vacation home.

So be on the lookout folks because slow and steady wins the race.

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