I must have seen this documentary at least 10 times and every time I watch it, I have the same reaction of excitement and joy.

ESPN Films created an incredible sports documentary featuring Boston celebrities like Lenny Clarke talking about four of the most incredible nights in Boston Sports history in 2004 when the Boston Red Sox defeated the NY Yankees to win the ALCS.  The Sox went on to win the World Series that year as well, putting an end, finally, to the Curse of the Bambino.  Many Sox Fans will agree, although it was amazing to beat the St. Louis Cardinals, these four nights against the Yankees were just as sweet, if not sweeter.

If you want to re-live those nights, here's a great description of the film from ESPN:

.....the cold October winds of change began to blow. Over four consecutive days and nights, this unlikely group of Red Sox miraculously won four straight games to overcome the inevitability of their destiny.

Our Red Sox Insider, Tom Caron, makes an appearance in the film and I told him he hasn't changed a bit since 2004.  He texted back something about having more hair, but I cannot deny or confirm that to be true.

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