Even if you don't like football, you'll probably at least have the Super Bowl on this Sunday. Maybe you'll watch with a buddy or two, or maybe you'll go to a HUGE Super Bowl party. No matter how you watch the game...food is a HUGE part of the festivities.

The food website, Delish, took a look at some data from Google to figure out what Super Bowl food people in every state search for the most. Some of these are pretty typical...but some of them are a bit outlandish.

The most popular is also my favorite: buffalo chicken dip. It's tops in eight states. But not the states actually playing in this year's big game. California, home of the L.A. Rams, is all about the baked chicken breast. Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, the most Googled snack is gluten-free pretzels. Both of those sound...boring.

So what about the rest of New England? According to Delish, folks in Maine love their paella. What? Paella? Are you kidding me? I lived in Maine for years and went to a lot of Super Bowl parties. Not once did I see anyone eating paella. Ever time I hear the word paella I think of that Seinfeld episode where George's mom made the paella, and Jerry's parents never showed up for dinner.

In Vermont, people are on Google looking for a lasagna recipe. And here in New Hampshire, we're Googling cake and cupcake recipes. Now that sounds more like it!

Whatever you eat this Super Bowl Sunday...enjoy it. You can always start your diet on Monday.

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